Intercast & Forge – Moving molten metal

Intercast & Forge choose DEXA Pty Ltd to upgrade the control system for their Skyliner Monorail System. The Skyliner Monorail system is a crucial piece of equipment required for the transfer of molten metal from the induction furnaces to the casting machines. The Skyliner ladel carries over 2 ton of molten metal and within a day would transfer over 240 ton. All installation work and commissioning of the new control system was to be completed over the Christmas shutdown maintenance period.

Some of the underlying issues that warranted the upgrade of the control system were:

  • The existing schematics were old and incomplete, with some being hand drawn.
  • The current safety controls system did not meet any of the AS4024 Safety of Machinery Standard.
  • No control philosophy was available.
  • Improvement to system reliability, functionality and down time.
  • No Radio Remote override facility available in case the operator was incapacitated.
  • Improve fault finding diagnostics

The upgrade of the Skyliner control system was to be carried out in conjunction with the Intercast & Forge planned Christmas Maintenance Schedule. The challenge DEXA faced was to document the current control system operation, fully design and draft the new electrical control system, integrate new safety and radio remote controls, gain customer approval, procure all required equipment prior to suppliers closing for the Christmas break. DEXA was able to achieve all of this within 15 working days prior to the planned installation date.

DEXA observed and documented the controls system operation and existing wiring system. DEXA then proceeded to design and develop a total set of new CAD electrical control schematics, obtained customer approval of the proposed new design, before procuring all equipment. The new control panel was manufactured and the PLC and Operator interface programmed.

Incorporating the new safety system controls with the unique radio override controls that the client desired was a challenge that DEXA faced and ultimately overcame.

DEXA completed the project on time, within budget and provided the client with a detailed operator manual for future reference. Throughout, DEXA placed an importance on the quality of works and deliverables to meet and exceed Intercast & Forge's expectations.

The systems in summary comprised the following:

  • Design and Drafting of New CAD Electrical Schematics,
  • Design aid and installation of New Safety control system,
  • New PLC Control 48 Digital Ins, 16 Digital Outs,
  • New Operator Interface,
  • New Variable Speed Drive,
  • New Main Safety Contactors and Safety Relays,
  • Incorporation Of Radio Remote Override System,
  • All re-wiring and installation for the new safety control system.
  • All re-wiring and installation for the new control system.
  • Commissioning of the new control system
  • Installation and commissioning of radio controls system
  • Supply of complete set of Operation Manuals

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