Pitt Town - Sewage Treatment Plant

With the growing development in the west of Sydney, Pitt Town, the Water Factory was contracted by Sydney Water to provide a turnkey solution for the treatment of sewage for the expected growth in population in the local area. The treated water 'grey water' would be reused for flushing of toilets and watering the gardens of the local residents.

DEXA Pty Ltd, was contracted by GE Water to construct the motor control cubicle (MCC), the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Panel and provide the complete electrical installation for the housed sewage treatment plant. DEXA also carried out all preliminary commissioning checks of the control system ensuring a smooth transition of the commissioning of the project.

DEXA Pty Ltd, designed the layout, supplied and manufactured the PLC Control and MCC panels that exceeded the expectation and quality that GE Water required. DEXA Pty Ltd was able to offer the finished boards at a competitive price and they were delivered on time to site to ensure the project was kept on schedule.

DEXA Pty Ltd designed and installed the cable tray & cable routes utilising best practice and materials to ensure the highest standards were achieved. We were able to liaise with the project engineers from GE Water and the Water Factory and worked closely with other trades and service providers to ensure a co operative work environment prevailed where the best outcomes for the client where achieved.

DEXA Pty Ltd installed, terminated and tested all of the cabling requirements for the control of motors and process equipment, flow control valves, water quality monitoring instruments, chemical dosing systems and Ultra Violet disinfection systems. At the Pitt Town site we were required to:

Supply, Design, Construction of MCC with:

  • 5 x VSD Control motor supplies
  • 2 x Remote VSD Control motor supplies
  • 7 x DOL motor supplies
  • 4 x Dosing pump motor supplies
  • 2 x UV System supplies

Supply, Design, Construction of PLC control panel with:

  • 120 Digital Inputs
  • 80 Digital Outputs
  • 24 Analogue Inputs
  • 8 Analogue Outputs
  • Ethernet Comm's to VSD drives
  • Panel View 15"
  • Installation of over 200 Control and instrument cable runs
  • Installation of over 20 Motor Power cable
  • Installation and Design of Cable Tray runs
  • Pre-Commissioning Checks
  • Documentation mark-ups and ITP's

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