Commercial Pool Control System

DEXA Pty Ltd builds upon years of industrial control experience to design, manufacture and program high quality pool control systems that are a strong investment for robustness and reliability. The components chosen for our boards are all reputable brands with off the shelf availability. All boards are designed for easy maintenance the life of the pool should any parts require replacing.

DEXA Pty Ltd provides complete and accurate high quality CAD electrical schematic drawings for all pool control boards as part of the overall operations manual.

Pool control systems can be simple control of filtration pumps with make- up water to full blown control systems incorporating multiple pumps, automatic valves and automatic back wash and dosing sequences.

The overall control of the system would incorporate lamp indication of all major faults, and equipment status running or trips. Operator interfaces can provide the pool manager an easy to use interface to monitor and control all facets of pool maintenance.

DEXA Pty Ltd can work with your pool consultant to tailor an advanced control scheme minimising the use of chemicals through solid control system programming practices. We can also fine tune programming and control of filtration pumps through the use of PID and variable speed drives.

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