Port Macquarie Water Treatment

DEXA Pty Ltd, provided the PLC programming, Operator Interface Design / Programming and on site electrical commissioning expertise for the combined water infrastructure schemes worth $46 million for the Port Macquarie-Hastings district.

Sewage Treatment Pitt Town

DEXA Pty Ltd, contracting to GE Water manufactured the motor control cubicle (MCC) and the Programmable Logic Control (PLC). DEXA also provided the complete electrical installation for the housed sewage treatment plant.

Gas Insulated Switch Gear control installation

DEXA Pty Ltd has carried out GIS installation control wiring at a number of sub stations in the Sydney metro area through working with global manufacutres of GIS equipment.

State of the Art Pool Control

DEXA Pty Ltd has designed, manufactured, programmed and commisoned a number of state of the art and compliant pool control systems.

Armidale Town Gas Supply

The town gas supply for the city of Armidale was seamlessly upgraded thanks to the design, programming and control panel manufactuing of DEXA Pty Ltd

Intercast Forge Molten Metal Transport

Intercast & Forge choose DEXA Pty Ltd for the control system upgrade for their Skyliner Monorail System. The Skyliner Monorail transfers molten metal from the induction furnaces to the casting machines

Sydney Harbour Bridge

DEXA Pty Ltd worked with the NSW RTA to overhaul and upgrade the wiring and control systems for the four maintenance cranes on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Tower - Skywalk

DEXA worked closely with RM Baird & Associates, consulting Engineers on the Skywalk project. Together they undertook the electrical design of Skywalk's jaw-dropping moveable southern platform and safety interlocking systems.