Machinery Safe Guarding - Peace of mind solutions

Our mission at DEXA Pty Ltd is to provide practical safety solutions. With about 8 out of 10 workplace fatalities and 1 in 4 workplace injuries involving mechanical equipment, poor machine guarding practices are a major hazard that employees are exposed to every day.

DEXA can design a guarding system that will fit your single machine or complete production line and more importantly install a system that your employee will be happy to work with. A machinery guarding system should not affect the operation of the machine or the employee work flow with the machine. We have worked in the industry of machine safety since 1990, and have been involved with many styles of machine guarding and safety systems.

Auditing, Designing and Installing a machinery guard safety system can be a daunting task if you are not familar with the relevant design standards, risk assesments and hazard indentification processes.

When assessing a machine guarding solution, it is important to be able to identify possible locations of hazards as detailed below:

  • Point of operation, which is the location where the machine actually works on material, such as cutting, bending, pressing etc.
  • Power transmission devices that mechanically transmit power from one location to another such as shafts, belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets.
  • Other moving parts such as feed mechanisms, part removal systems and auxiliary parts of the machine or system.

Each of these locations will have a bearing on what type of guard can be utilised. For example, a power transmission device may require a fixed guard that is bolted in place and rarely has need of removal except for infrequent repair work. Alternatively, a point of operation guard may need to be opened each time a part is made and would be better served by an interlocked guard or some form of electronic guarding that stops mechanical motion rather than a fixed guard that needs to be removed with tools.

If you are not sure that your facility provides a safe and compliant working environment we can assist you to identify any upgrade requirements necessary and associated costs involved.

Our machine guarding services include:

  • Machine guarding safety audits from a single machine to your most complex production line. On site evaluations
  • Preliminary risk identification guides
  • Detailed Risk assessment reports
  • Estimating of required safety upgrades.

Our machine safety guards and safety systems will use the following Australian Standards:

  • Machinery safety to AS 4024.1
  • AS 4024.3001
  • AS 4024.3002

For peace of mind we carry the following Insurances - does your current installer?

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • All Machinery Guarding certified at completion to required Australian Standards.

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